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Business Law

Business Law, Commercial Agreements

The EID Law Firm is a Lebanese Business Law, Contracts and Commercial law firm that represents clients in various legal matters involving Business Law, including drafting and negotiating diverse agreements which arise in commercial transactions and business relationships, such as contracts with customers, vendors and other suppliers, joint venture agreements, employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, construction contracts, renovation contracts, and other commercial agreements, as well as the purchase or sale of a business.


Quality Legal Services for Contracts, Commercial Law

We believe that our clients are best served through a practical and business-oriented application of our diverse skills. Our business law enables us to focus quickly on the legal and economic issues.

Our firm seeks to not only analyze and resolve legal issues, but also to assist each client in achieving their immediate and long-term goals. At the core of the firm’s practice is the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, and representing businesses and individuals in business transactions, and commercial relationships.


Personal Service and Commitment to Clients

Our clients can expect the EID Law Firm to be responsive and genuinely interested in each client’s legal matters. Our Lawyers communicates with our clients on a regular basis. Telephone calls are answered promptly, and ample time is devoted to each client. We believe that our future is linked to the success of our clients. The firm is committed to continually strive for excellence in both legal services and client relations.

The Importance of Clearly Drafted Contracts

In the course of operating a business, and even in one’s personal life, we enter into many types of contracts and written agreements. Written agreements are important, especially for businesses, since reliable sources of products, parts, equipment, labor and services are essential for a successful business.

If you sign any contract, even a “standard contract” or proposal without competent legal representation, you may be positioning yourself at a distinct disadvantage. If the other party’s attorney prepared the contract, that lawyer probably drafted the contract for the sole purpose of protecting his or her client’s interests. In that situation, it is vitally important that your attorney protect your interests as well.

Similarly, if the other party or even both parties together, prepared the contract without a lawyer, it may be vague, and might not properly express the parties’ intentions at all. Also, while the parties’ self drafted agreement might appear to be fair, it may lack important legal provisions, thereby rendering the entire agreement void and unenforceable. Alternatively, even if it is a legally binding, enforceable and fair contract, it may nevertheless be silent on certain key issues, thereby inviting litigation in the event of a dispute.


Avoiding the Unfair Contract

The purpose of a contract should not be to trap one party or the other. A proposed agreement that is a trap for the unwary should not be signed. Instead, it should re-negotiate and revised or redrafted, to create a fair and workable relationship. The EID Law Firm is proud of our Contracts and Commercial Lawyer’s thorough negotiation and meticulous drafting of many types of contracts.


Our Lawyers Will Carefully Negotiate and Draft Your Contract

The EID Law Firm negotiates and drafts contracts for various types of transactions, commercial relationships and business deals.
Our Lawyers often anticipate many potential issues that might arise in the future, and attempt to address those issues in the contract. Once our clients have explained the substance of their oral agreement, and their expectations, we thoroughly negotiate, review and/or draft the contract, with the aim of safeguarding our client’s rights, and avoiding potential disputes. The advantage of hiring a lawyer experienced in contract negotiation and drafting cannot be overemphasized.
We draft and negotiate many diverse agreements which arise in commercial transactions and business relationships, including:

  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Stock Buy-outs (One Shareholder Purchasing another Shareholder’s Stock in a Corporation)
    Contracts and Other Documents for the Purchase or Sale of Various Types of Businesses including Asset Sales and Stock Sales)
  • Employment Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements/Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NCND) and (NNN)
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • License Agreements
  • Business Management Agreements
  • Contracts with Customers, Vendors and Other Suppliers
  • Contracts for Construction and Home Renovation Projects