Jdeideh, facing Justice Palace, Rahbani building – 6 f, Maten, Lebanon

About Eid Law



Our Office handles cases ranging from Fortune companies, mid-sized and small companies, to individuals who are undergoing the Lebanese law process.

We understand the complexities of Lebanese law and empathize with those faced with its challenges.

We keep pace with rapidly changing Lebanese laws and growing customer expectations by locating ourselves at the constantly expanding frontier of Lebanese laws and integrating technology in our daily operations.

Our Law Firm utilizes advanced office technology for document creation, client case management, communication and internal coordination. This allows us to successfully manage client case work from a brief, simple process to a long-term, complex case.


It is our Mission:

– To provide the community with the latest and most appropriate strategies, to support the community with helpful information and resources,

To honorably serve the profession, And to educate the public on the issue of Lebanese law
We provide multi-faceted representation for our clients to facilitate their pioneering work.

  • Establish and help plan new companies
    • Off-shore,
    • Holding,
    • Stock market,
    • Limited  liability,
    • representative office
  • Protect your ideas through trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements, and enforcement efforts
  • Advocate for your needs and priorities and resolve disputes
  • Negotiate and draft contracts for clients, vendors, talent, employees, influencers, and others
  • Advise and provide guidance on laws and regulations impacting your business
  • We provide the clients with professional and expert legal advice concerning real estate and construction transactions. Our clients include lenders; contractors; developers; project managers; and other participants we are highly qualified in assisting and advising on drafting appropriate agreements in relation to acquisition of lands; property development; joint ventures; project finance; environmental impact assessment; apportionment procedures and agreements; turn key projects; design-build and plant contracts; owners’ representative agreements; construction management; tenders; and dispute adjudication agreements.
  • We are specialized in the real estate law we represents property investors, developers and handled thousands of legal cases from the simple to the most complex and challenging cases in this area.
  • We provide clients with the highest level of legal advice related to acquiring, financing, developing, managing, constructing, leasing and selling commercial and residential real property of all kinds.

All led by experienced attorneys.

We strive to provide each client with successful results by considering all appropriate, creative options.
We at the EID Law Office take personal pride in the quality of our work and our attention to detail. The satisfaction of the client is paramount.